What is APi?

APi is a boutique photography company that aims to give you the cutting edge in your projects. Through well thought out images, we are able to deliver gorgeous and eye catching photography to make your project stand out. We strive to make your life easier by being friendly, reliable, and on time. We will be the difference that sets you apart from other business'.

Let us show you how stress free your photography can be.

Who is at APi

Meet Kendell

Kendell is currently the sole photographer of APi and would love to meet you and shoot your project! She is known for being friendly, professional, easy going, and knowledgeable. 

Kendell has been shooting for 6+ years. She started out in Yoga Photography and quickly began to expand into various genres. You can see her other work at www.kendell.ca

We are expanding fast and will be hiring more people as we get busier and busier!

Lets get started on your project!