8 years ago, Kendell borrowed her sister’s camera to photograph some dogs for an adoption agency…


And she hasn’t put down the camera since. Api all began with a Karma Project to help raise adoption rates for Ugly Mutts Dog Adoption Agency. Eight years and many magazine covers later, Kendell‘s experience and photography skills with buildings, business, people, and products continue to make her stand out from the pack.



Portraits by APi


Kendell MacLeod

Head Photographer

Highly skilled at texting on the fly, knows yoga stuff, and puts paint on a canvas well. Kendell is tall, really tall. She’s great for reaching things your clients can’t reach.

DJ Long Api Photographer

DJ Long


Lives up to his last name cause he is also tall. DJ has a background in Autism Therapy and came over to Api because he fell in love with Kendell (sucker!). Now he helps keep things going strong at Api and handles 360 tours, videography, and drone work.

Gus MacLeod APi


Bugger for walks/eater of treats

The reason we work so hard. Gus is head of Barkccounting and you have to deal with him if you don’t pay your bills.


Associates & Staff

Jim MacLeod

Invoices and Payments go through Mr. Macleod. He has a radio voice that commands attention and deserves being called MR.

He is Kendells father and the walker of Gus.

Be nice to Gus’ Grandpa or you have to deal with Gus.